Welcome to the uFish Ireland website, where you can find all the details you need to go angling in the Foyle and Carlingford catchments.

Biosecurity is a serious issue for anglers today! We need to play our part in reducing the spread of non-native invasive species which threaten our waterways and coasts with serious environmental and economic impacts.

There are various practical, low cost measures which can be taken to reduce risk. It is important to wash and dry tackle, nets, boats, trailers and kit before moving from one water body to another. Remember - desiccation (or drying) is effective against most invasive species.

Ensuring all water is drained from a boat (including lockers, bilges, etc.) is essential. Any plants and animals adhering to the hull or on kit such as anchors and warps should be scraped off and put in a bin destined for landfill.

Use of mufflers is recommended to disinfect outboard motors.

Boat hulls, bilges, equipment and trailers should be washed down before launch and after recovery

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