Welcome to the uFish Ireland website, where you can find all the details you need to go angling in the Foyle and Carlingford catchments.

The majority of anglers treat their quarry with respect. However, poor handling will greatly reduce the chances of survival for a fish. The angler will be dealing with an already stressed fish, a situation not helped by the loss of protective mucus and scales from its body that will render it prone to infection. Remember that research indicates that the longer a fish is out of water (including being handled in the air), the less chance it has of survival.

-Barbless, single hooks should be used on all flies and spinning lures

-Fish should be played quickly so they are not totally exhausted

-Fish should be handled as little as possible - preferably with wet hands and without use of nets

-Spring salmon and fresh silver fish are especially vulnerable to damage and should not be lifted out of the water or handled (unless it is absolutely necessary)

-Fish should not be taken onto the bank but must be kept in the water as much as possible with gills immersed

-Long nosed forceps/needle nosed pliers can help remove hooks quickly

-Deep embedded hooks which are resisting rapid removal should be cut off from the leader as close to the hook as possible rather than causing further damage and stress to the fish

-All recovering fish should be gently supported in the water current (head pointing upstream) until they have regained their balance and their gills are working properly

When handling fish:

! Never put a finger or thumb inside the gill cover

! Never squeeze a fish while trying to hold it or supporting it in the water

! Photographs - only if taken quickly and without removing the fish from the water

! Never weigh a fish - estimate

! Never tail a fish - this will result in spinal damage

! Use a knotless landing net

! If a difficulty arises it is advisable to get someone to help you

When releasing the fish, gently support it with its head pointing upstream to allow it to regain its balance and permit water to flow through its gills.

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