Sea angling in the Foyle area can involve a variety of different techniques. The angler might opt to fish from a boat or may be interested in shore fishing. Then, too, consider location - the mud and shingle bottom of Lough Foyle, the rugged Inishowen coast, the deep waters of Inishtrahull Sound, the waters around Inishtrahull (Irelands most northerly point) or the fabulous beach that runs 8 miles to the east from Magilligan Point by way of Benone to the cliffs at Downhill.

Details of charter boat hire are provided in another part of this guide.

Sea angling tackle is different for boat and shore fishing.

When shore fishing, a fairly heavy weight has to be used to keep the bait anchored in tidal currents and waves. A lob of 30-40 metres will usually reach the deeper water (or the surf zone, if fishing a beach) where the fish are. A specialised rod and reel helps but heavy spinning or carp gear can suffice to get started in this sport.

When fishing from a boat the fish are often directly below and there is usually no need to cast - just let the line run out. Traditionally, rods were shorter, stiff and strong to cope with the bigger fish that could be caught from boats. However, of late boat angling has undergone a shift to longer, more sporting light rods. Light tackle boat fishing is now the norm in many places and allows better enjoyment of the fishes fighting abilities.

Lough Foyle is a sea lough (the estuary of the River Foyle) opening on to the Atlantic Ocean. It forms part of the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Several rivers run into it, including the Foyle, Faughan and Roe.

On the County Donegal shore lie the pleasant fishing villages of Greencastle and Moville, backed by the mountains of the wild and beautiful Inishowen peninsula.

On the County Londonderry or Derry side, the shoreline was heavily modified many years ago in efforts to reclaim land, resulting in many miles of sea wall in the Eglinton and Ballykelly area. Many anglers fish hereabouts with good catches often resulting. Elsewhere along this coast is salt marsh and sand/shingle/mud strands.

In the 'Go sea fishing' section there is much more information on individual marks around the lough and coastline.

Kayak Angling - There is growing interest in angling from specially designed kayaks - lake, sea, tidal river etc. If you wish to receive updates on this discipline, contact the Loughs Agency.