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River Strule

Season: 1st April - 20th October

The Strule forms at the confluence of the Drumragh and Camowen rivers in the centre of Omagh. It is a big river (20 metres plus width) and runs northwards for twelve miles, bounded by rich pasture and occasional cereal crops. Along its length it is joined by the Fairy Water and the Owenkillew before meeting the Derg below Newtownstewart to form the River Mourne.

In it's upper reaches the Strule is relatively easy to wade but the lower stretches are much more difficult as the river bed is very rocky with some deep holes. Chest waders and a wading stick are the minimum requirement for wading this river.

Species: -Salmon
-Brown Trout
-Sea Trout (downstream of the confluence with the Owenkillew)
Best Times: April - October (Brown Trout)
June - September (Salmon)
Methods: -Fly
Best Salmon Flies: Shrimp patterns such as:
-Currys Red
-Currys Gold
-Bann Special
-Hairy Mary
-Stoats Tail
Best Trout Flies: -Pheasant Tail Nymph
-Hares Ear Dry Fly
-Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
-CDC Emergers
-Peter Ross
-Delphi Silver
-Dry Olive Imitations

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Please note that whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of angling club and associations boundaries it is essential you consult the club or association to confirm their upper and lower limits.

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